Latest Launch of 8 inch Tablets

The necessity of more compact computers and high performing processors has given us the tablets, as science has progressed over the years. Now we don’t have to lug around very heavy laptops when we can simply put in a slim and sturdy little tablet that works as efficiently while taking up less space and provides the same level of service. Tablets vary in size depending on need and the use to which it is put to. But the newly launched 8 inch tablets have the benefit of being compact and small enough to fit a pocket while carrying powerful processors inside such that it makes any work easy and productive.

Samsung had recently released an 8 inch Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with 5000 mAh battery backup. Possibly a nano SIM card will also be accommodated for use. Both the rear and front cameras have been upgraded from the previous versions and hence better picture quality can be seen and all connectivity possibilities are readily available for the consumers to stay connected. It also has wifi, Bluetooth, the usual gamut of similar applications that come with a tablet. This tablet also boasts of featuring a 4G LTE.

Another tablet that is a mere 8 inch but so much more in capacity and function is the Asus Zenpad 8.0. It boasts of a RAM of 4GB, rivaling some of the older laptops, a display strength of 2K IPS and a 3.0 type – C port USB. Incidentally, Asus was the first ever manufacturer to produce and mass manufacture the 4GB RAM entailed smartphone with the release of the Zenfone 2 and it was also the pioneer in bringing out the world’s first 4GB RAM enabled 8-inch tablet. The higher RAM power turns this device into a multi tasking powerhouse.

A recent 8 inch tablet that was launched was the IPS Android 5.1, a tablet PC, available onsite at the time2 technology website. It is powerful, lightweight and superfast with a very strong processor. The screen is LCD, and it is a capacitive multi-touch screen that is best for viewing wider angles and known for higher quality color reproduction. With G sensor built in which helps in measuring the change in motion or velocity, this tablet can quickly identify screen orientation and rotation. With simple features and easy access, this is one of the best 8 inch tablets in the market at the moment and will make a user satisfied to the nth degree.

Another relatively recent launch was of the Dell Venue8 Pro. It runs on Windows 8.1, an upgrade and its touch screen is completely adequate for reading books, emails, and news clippings as well as catching the new video off YouTube. It is a very comfortable weight in the hands, compact and just the right size to be handheld. It is light, portable beyond belief, fast as anything and capable of running without a charge for one full day. That is definitely long enough to keep anyone entertained and productive without any hold ups.