Lava Lamps To Provide Online Security

The 21st century is truly interesting as it continues to introduce everyone to a fast-evolving digital world. Virtualization of things we know of existing in physical form gradually changes the lifestyle we are accustomed to. It takes over a valuable expanse in the present time and serves as a significant platform in showcasing our modern needs. Hence, significant data companies emerge to make sure that the people’s private interest is secure and their investment in the digital world is safe from cyber crimes or hacks.

A lot of big companies are now venturing into the industry of Information Technology. A lot of jobs nowadays would involve the use of a computer or any gadget that can connect to the internet. Now almost all of us are very much into Data Encryption and making it safe.

A Wall Of Lava Lamps Can Keep Your Internet Safe

Accountant Edward Craven Walker is the one responsible for the creation of the Lava lamp. He was also the founder of Mathmos, a lighting company based in Britain. Also, Walker’s birthplace is Britain. The lava lamp is a glass lamp with an incandescent bulb inside; originally it was sold as a novelty item. It is a favorite designer lighting in the industry of Interior Design. A lot of designers has been constantly innovating its use. Lava lamps helps internet being secure and you can purchase one at

There are amazing things your favorite Lava Lamps could do aside from lighting your workspace and giving a psychedelic comfort. One best example is an IT firm in San Francisco which has a creative way of using lava lamps. A company responsible for the security of huge and widespread internet space such as Uber, Fitbit, OkCupid, and other six million sites, reveals that a giant wall of lava lamps in their company’s lobby does not function solely for design. It serves as protection from cyber hackers.

The one hundred lava lamps aid them to produce random numbers to stretch the security level of their data encryption. By monitoring the lava lamps using a camera and sending a real-time feed to one of the company’s server, random data will then be created based on the captured images of the lava lamps. The data will then be sent to all of the company’s servers all around the world for encryption. It may sound odd and impossible although technology and the science of things have made big leaps that it proves to be true.

Unpredictable Data Is A Critical Key To Encryption

Unpredictability is one of the crucial factors when it comes to encryption. Unfortunately, computer-based figures are often definite that experts can calculate it. Because of this, the head person of cryptography in Cloudfare Nick Sullivan, together with Matthew Prince, John Graham-Cunning, and some employees had debated the best way to heighten the security of data encryption. The team then comes up with the concept of lava lamps as a resourceful way to produce the random numbers that they need.

After all, it is amazing how science and technology can ease our lives every day. Though there could be other ways to protect the internet, perhaps our internet experience is only average without the invention of lava lamps.