LearnDash LMS WordPress Plugin: Share Great Knowledge, Generate Good Profit

The e-learning industry has become incredibly popular in the past few years that, believe it or not, even well-renowned universities are taking advantage of this platform to entice students to enroll in whatever learning programs they are offering.

One of the most sought-after tools in e-learning these days is Learndash for WordPress. It is such a useful and efficient plug-in that schools like the University of Florida and companies like Infusionsoft have used this for their online courses.

Why Learndash?

Most e-learning plugins are practically the same in the sense that the LMS or Learning Management Systems all feature basic tools for content creation, schedule for content delivery and even progress tracking. But if you really plan on sharing sufficient and significant knowledge, you’ll go for more than just the ‘basic’.

Learndash went over and above the norm and what’s expected for the benefit of both the author (teacher or course provider) and the user (student or enrollee).

Beneficial Features for Students

  • Sorting out their courses as to lessons, quizzes and others is made easy.
  • Scheduling lessons is a breeze.
  • Quizzes are customizable as to the type (multiple choice, single answers, fill-in-the-blank, etc.)
  • Grade books and course points are provided, certificates and badges may be awarded.
  • Automatic advancement or repetition of the course, based on one’s performance.
  • Forums for all enrolled students are created.

Convenient Features for Admin

  • User profiles are created and may be tracked.
  • Regular email notifications are sent.
  • Certain groups (classes) may be managed as one.
  • Provision of detailed reporting, from enrollment to the progress of one’s performance.
  • Feedbacks may be given to students (sending private notes about quizzes and homeworks)
  • Access to courses is given expiration dates.

Ensuring and Safekeeping Profits

  • This makes use of various payment gateways such as Paypal, 2Checkout, and Stripe just to name a few.
  • Students may sign up for subscriptions and pay for those before they start their course.
  • Failure of payment will cause the loss of student’s subscription.
  • Because this is on WordPress, any of the free shopping cart integrations may be chosen.

There are three Learndash for WordPress packages offered, ranging from a little over $150 to nearly $300.There are sites, however, which can give you this at an unbelievably low price. If you have a course syllabus in mind, now is the best time to avail of this.

But if you aren’t quite sure yet, you can create a free account to give this amazing plugin a try. An easy to follow two-minute demo video is posted on the official Learndash website. If you like what you see, you can buy this extension and start sharing knowledge to other and generating profit for yourself.