Lensless camera technology developed by Hitachi ready to stir the world of photography

With the advent of digital photography, the concept of using camera films in those analog cameras has already taken a back seat. After doing away with the camera films, it is now time to bid goodbye to the lens of the cameras as well. While this may take you by surprise, but the fact is that Hitachi, the Japanese Electronics giant has achieved the greatest milestone in the history of photography with its new technology. The company has developed a totally new technology that will enable cameras to capture video images without the use of any lens.


Details of the technology

With the use of this lensless technology, it would be possible to make cameras that would be lighter and thinner, is what the Tokyo based company has to say to Techigy.com while they were speaking about the new technology. These lensless cameras would have better ability to get mounted on various devices irrespective of the size or design of the device.

The technology is based on the principle of using a film that is imprinted with concentric circled patterns to capture the images. The special film that is placed in front of the image sensor directs the light onto the sensor in a definite pattern which makes the sensor capture the image.  The most attractive aspect of this new technology is that focus of the image can be adjusted after the image is being captured. This is made possible due to the fact that the camera not only acquires planar information about the image, but captures the depth information as well. Hence reproduction of the image with a different focal point is possible even after capturing the image.

Benefits of the new technology

The flexibility to change the focus at any point of time after capturing the image is going to be a revolutionary thing in the history of photography. This would lead to faster photography as the focus can be adjusted at any point of time, should there be a need to change the attention towards any other object that gets captured in the camera.

While the first models of the camera have already been developed, the company shared its plan of commercializing the commodity with Techigy.com. The full fledged commercialization is aimed to happen sometime in 2018 as the final tests are currently being carried out in the labs of Hitachi. With this technology, Hitachi would be taking a forward stride in the field of image capture technology, something that was not a direct forte of the company so far.