List of Top Monitor Values Under $500

There are so many cheap monitors available in the market today. They are there to simply get your job done. But, even if you are paying $150 or may be lesser than that for a monitor, does not necessarily mean that are getting a great deal for you. They might have a worthless feature placed before you and this would only work for a few months with a lackluster performance. At the end you may have to get another one, sooner than you expected, building up to your mountain of remorse. If you want some practical, cost effective and good performing monitors, look out for the link below

But there are so many monitors that will simply cost you around $500 but the performance will be lasting, outstanding and durable. Not to forget it will comes with a good number of features too. If you want value and good performance at the same time, gave a look at these monitors we have listed of cost effective monitors for you. For more options please go through this link

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This is quite a cost effective monitor and the least expensive on from the list. Despite its cost being less, it still provides viewers a great viewing and gaming performance, impressive pictures and movies too. It is one of the most basic of monitors you will find in this list. The color system is accurate and at this cost you will enjoy wide viewing angles. But you might have to deal a bit with OSD, yet a great pick at this price.

HP x2301

Here we are not only including HP x2301 in this list only because it is accessible at less than $250. It comes with more features to mention apart from merely its price. Its performance, build in quality are simply outstanding. You have to know its connection options like DVI, HDMI and VGA, and you get much more than what people pay for just $200.

LG W2363D-PF

At around $300, you can make the most out of the LG W2363D which comes with the great Nvidia 3D Vision support. It also has two HDMI ports, along with a headphone jack and in general a great level of performance.