Minimalistic Web Design With Large Impact

Why the minimalist-style is best when creating the online store

As technologies develop, the world becomes more complex. Minimalism and simplicity are significant advantages in our lives. 

To create a unique website, you need a particular approach to professional web design, where simplicity is critical. 

Let’s look at Google, for instance. Their search engine has become mega-popular and globally known. 

If you look at their page, you will notice that they have been keeping it very simple. 

This factor has contributed to Google’s dominance in the search category. Its competitors placed news, ads, and photos on their main pages, but Google has kept it simple with plain white background, making it more approachable for users. 

Take an example from one of the most popular websites in the world. Simplicity stimulates sales! You can apply this idea to your online store just as well. 

Focus your main page around the specific action of a customer. 

Take a good look at your main screen — the area of your website that is visible to the user before scrolling. It’s better to post the information on it about one topic only. Make sure that your customer finds what he is looking for as quickly as possible. 

Suppose you attract paid traffic (for example, contextual advertising). In that case, it’s essential that after clicking on the advertisement, the customer is redirected to the page with a specific product and not the category list.

If your main page is simple, users will be forced to do what you want them to do. If there is lots of various information on the website, people will feel lost. They will have to look around to figure out what they need to do to find a product. If you are lucky, they will find what they are looking for and finally make a purchase.

 If customers’ attempts weren’t successful, they would go to a different website to find a product and purchase it there. 

Monitoring your website’s analytics will help you determine which buttons are used and which aren’t. If you find links that the visitors don’t use, simply get rid of them. Why keep useless information? 

The same principle is applied to products. If there is a product displayed on your main page daily and no one buys it, you should get rid of it and give other products a chance. 

Think of the screen space as window display and shelves in a store. Well-known marketers move is to place the most expensive or more marketable products at the customers’ eyes’ level. This method is also used in online stores. 

These are only a few out of many ways to simplify your online store and stimulate sales. 

So we make the significant-conclusion – the more complex your online store, the lower will be the conversion rate.

Minimalism in web design – so simple, yet so effective!