Mobile App Security Vulnerabilities in 2020 and How to Prevent Them

The number and severity of mobile app security vulnerabilities cannot be underestimated today. Businesses have adopted modern security techniques to protect their mobile apps from being exploited by attackers. However, attackers have also been leveraging new techniques and technologies to break into mobile apps.

Poor authentication controls, lack of certificate pinning and authorization controls, and insecure data storage are some of the most common mobile app security vulnerabilities that attackers exploit.

In fact, a study found that nearly 53% of mobile applications store authentication data insecurely. This can expose the credentials of the users and allow the user account to be completely compromised. Compromises may include data leakage or loss, credential theft, and much more.

These cybersecurity attacks don’t just impact the customer but the organization as well. Whether it is impacting customer relationships or declined market value, companies often face the wrath of cyberattacks.

To give you a better understanding, here is an infographic that talks about the top 4 mobile app security vulnerabilities in 2020 and how you can prevent them.

Image Courtesy: Cypress Data Defense