How to Buy iOS Keyword Installs?

Technology has been an influence in the field of education especially when it comes to perception that is changing due to advancements in technology. From the apps which can be transforming how we store, consume and communicate, to cloud computing that could make everywhere a workplace, era is transferring speedy, and society has to conform just as speedy.

The arena need to modernize and adapt that allows you to offer youngsters and students with the competencies they will need as part of a contemporary workforce. Happily, new hardware and software program are emerging constantly to provide instructors with the tools they need to engage their college students. Understanding what these technologies are is half the conflict, so right here’s a short manual:

Many educational institutes are using portable devices for students as learning gadget that is quite helpful for students. Many researches indicate that students learn better through digital devices. These devices enhance their learning and grasping ability which help them in comprehending problems quickly. This is the reason now marketers are targeting this media and every day a new app is launched.

This is an ideal situation for marketers but a nightmare for developers. For getting their app in the iOS play store recognition is real hard. So they are searching for the best way to buy iOS keyword installs. You must be wondering what is keyword install and how it is going to help you.

When a visitor go to iOS store in search of some app, he write sometimes a word or 2 to 3 words combination. App store search engine then show him results. You may see searches related to what you have written. This combination of words is keyword and top result apps are ranking in this keyword. Now when you install the app as a result of your searching, it is called as keyword installs.

Keywords installs is a perfect way to target a range of users and helps your app in climbing higher rankings in the store. Now how to get targeted keyword installs? There are lots of website providing such services. They are providing different options. You can select the one you like. These packages are as follows:

  • Cost Per Click – Standard package

Here you will pay when a visitor click on your link

  • Cost Per Install – Standard package

Here you will pay when a visitor click on your link and then install the app. So the installation is the main point that when happens then you will pay money.

  • Cost Per Install – High Retention package

Here you get most out of your package. Not only the visitor will install the app but will also keep it for at least 3 days.

  • Cost Per Install – Keyword Search (Standard package)

Here the visitor will search your given set of keywords, then install the app.

  • Cost Per Install – Keyword Search (High Retention package)


Here the visitor will not only search the keywords and install the app but also keep it for 3 days.

Select any of the above packages that suits you best.