Moisture Mold and Your Health

Where there is moisture, there is mold. Mold have been on this planet for a very long time and it’s found almost everywhere whether it’s on surfaces or on the free air.

Humidity Harmful ?

There are many health problems which are caused by exposure to moldy environments and damp spaces. This is actually relative, as it’s a matter of sensitivity to molds. Coughin, wheezing, nasal stuffiness and throat irritation are all effects of mold. In some cases, more serious reactions threatens people with mold allergies. People with some lung related diseases, especially chronic ones, may catch severe infections in their lungs after having been exposed to mold. To prevent this to happen, people with lung illnesses shouldn’t be in spaces which are likely to be moldy like wooded areas and cut grass.
After conducting a research in 2004, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) discovered that there is a possible link between indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms. Additionally, the World Health Organization has issued in 2009 a book in which Guidelines for Indoor Quality are covered. This is a clear sign of the seriousness of this health problem and which everyone should pay attention to as it may be the cause of many illnesses that we’re not aware of. This findings are beginning to be very known to the public and many families are buying dehumidifiers to cope with this problem.

Where Does Mold Lie In Your Home

Mold could be found in many parts of the house, but generally, it is found in areas in which water is most used like bathrooms and kitchens. Because mold is also found outdoors, it can enter your home through doors and windows that are left open as well as heating and condition systems. Your cloths, shoes, bags and even your cat can bring mold from outside as it’s able to attach to them. Mold also will grow in places with a great deal of moisture like in places where flooding happened or around leaks in windows, pipes or roofs.

I hope this article helped clarify some important aspects of indoor humidity problems and gave you an idea of how to deal with this types of issues.