Must-Have Features in a Bluetooth Earphone

April 6, 2020

Wireless earphones are preferred by every people to make their daily work easy. Another interesting fact is that wireless earphones are not just for mobile phones, but also the desk phones. You have options to connect them to the notebooks, netbooks and even to portable media players. All the Bluetooth earphones are different in price, features, and usability. Here, we are going to know the best and must-have features of a Bluetooth earphone.

USB Port

The USB port can never be compromised. There is a definite need for micro as well as a mini USB port. Moreover, a standard USB plug is also needed. Through this, you can charge a desktop, computer, etc. A USB port has several other advantages. One of the most important advantages is that it can considerably reduce the number of cables and chargers that you have to carry everywhere with you. Losing them or forgetting to pick them along with you can spoil your entire day. Click here to know the importance of USB which is the must-notice feature while buying an earphone.

Secured Ear Loop

It is common for us to lose the ear tip if it is wireless. But losing it can make ourselves unforgiving. To end all this, there must be a provision of the loop. A loop can get fit well around the ear and secure itself. So, you do not have to be conscious of your movement or activity. Without any tension, you can hop, climb up and down the stairs, run in the corridor and have complete fun.

Good Sound

It is very important as it is one of the basic reasons to get an earphone. No one will agree to compromise on this feature. The voice or sound should be clear and filter out the external noise. You should be able to use it for hearing music, clarity calls, and peaceful undisturbing sound experience.

Well Placed Controls

You should be able to get in control of all the earphone control features in just a finger reach. The common features include accepting calls and hanging up calls, volume buttons, etc. This is important as sometimes if the features are well placed and confusing, you may end up cutting a very important call or raise the volume when you want to hang up the call. It may seem to be a small problem but it is annoying.


The earphone should be very comfortable when worn. The features should not poke you or disturb you as you would be wearing it the entire day.

Easy To Find

There are unfortunate times when you would drop or misplace it. So, there should be something to assist us to find it. There should be facilities that can signal us through a beep or a bright blink or a set up to activate it from etc.

Add-Ons and Accessories

There are amazing accessories that come along the earphones. It includes charging cases, amplifiers, digital to analog converters, cable, and stands, etc.

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