New Online Gaming Platform with High Security and Safe Transactions

E-games and e-sports have gotten huge shape in the past few years. Keeping up with the trend are planning a launch of a platform that will provide gaming scope to both individual players and also groups. These players will be enabled to take part and compete for playing the popular online sports games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, DOTA2 and more. All these gaming and scoreboard will be completely under the vigilance of the platform’s artificial intelligence.

About the Client Application

  • The client application to access the e-sports are downloadable from the entry point of their website.
  • An electron framework based on CSS, HTML and JavaScript has been proposed and is free to function without dependence on the user’s operating system.
  • There is anti-cheat defence that has been embedded in the client application. This carefully monitors all the other programs that are running on the clients’ devices in addition to the game such as CSGO, DOTA2 and Call of Duty etc.
  • The user interface allows the gamer to register for an account and is required to fund brand new Ethereum address through Ether which will go through a secured payment gateway.

Top Priorities of

  • High security of the online gamers

People get hiccups to put money on online gaming because there is always a chance of financial frauds with data dibbling on the credit cards and more, even the scope of cheating during game is a matter of worry. This platform strives to reduce and terminate the risk by scattering the transactions by using ethereum blockchain. And as mentioned they have anti-cheating software applied to the client app which has a strict monitoring.

  • Use of Ethereum Blockchain

Financial decentralisation has been achieved by conducting the final transactions under the eyes of Ethereum Blockchain which is impossible to be manipulated outwardly.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The company has developed an AI strictly to analyse the results of each match and will further decide the result. The players will have to accept the results or are free to place any complaint they have.

  • Client Reach

The platform has been planned to be accessible from several region, so the development has divided in several bits to tone down the network load. Asia, Europe, North and South America and Australia are the regions for the planning.

E-sports are fun for everyone and are also a good investment which has speculated both short and long term gains. With the creative team spread over Hungary, Mainland China and Malta, has good experience in the blockchain industry and e-sport games.