Out of Memory? Clean Your Computer the Right Way! 

Memory is one thing that plays a very crucial role when it comes to keeping a system clean and working. When you initially buy the system you tend to lay special emphasis on the same so that you end up buying the one that has adequate memory to offer to you.

When you just begin to use the system you think that there is ample space available to you, you therefore end up not only downloading, installing and saving the files that are vital for you but also the ones that you find lucrative. With the passage of time you begin to realize that the memory of your system is getting full.

This poses a problem to you as you know lack enough memory to save files that are important. It is here when cleaning up the memory comes up in your mind. You begin to search for the tricks to free up the space on your system and surf the internet to know how to clear temp files on mac in particular.

To free up the space on your computer you have two options, one to delete the files and other to delete the programs. Here in this article we will let you know how to delete the files as well as the programs that you do not need from your system.  Also the step to use the Disk Cleanup is also given in the article so that you need not compromise with any of the things that you think are consuming the space on your computer.

Steps to delete the files:

  1. Click on Windows “Start” button and then select “Documents.”
  2. Go to “More Options” and select the “List” and view the information about the files.
  3. Organize the files by clicking on “Size”. This gives you an idea about files that are taking up more space.
  4. Right-click on large files that you do not need and select “Delete” from context menu.

Steps to delete Unused Programs

  1. Click “Start” button then select “Control Panel.”
  2. Click “Uninstall a Program” to view installed programs on computer.
  3. Click the “Size” to organize the programs.
  4. Click on program you do not need and click “Uninstall”.

Steps to use Disk Cleanup

  1. Click “Start” button, type “disk cleanup” in the Search bar.
  2. Click “Disk Cleanup” to launch application.
  3. Select the drive out of many drives that you want to empty and click “OK.”
  4. Check the box next to the file types that you want to delete.
  5. Click “OK” and click “Delete Files” .

All in all, these are the steps that you need to follow in order to delete the file from your computer. Though there are umpteen ways to get rid of the files that you no longer need but the fact is that you need to do it in a correct way. You need to be very careful with the way that you tend to follow to delete the file from your system.