Police Surveillance Cameras

Alton Elliott
July 1, 2017

X-Surveillance Police Surveillance Camera

X-Systems launched the new, unique, police video surveillance body camera, the X-Surveillance DS300, which is a combination of a PTT-Handheld Speaker/Mic. with a high-end full-HD and night vision body camera.

With the X-Surveillance DS300 there is no need to place any new device on an already heavy uniform. Within just a few minutes an existing (two-way radio) PTT Speaker/Mic., can be replaced with the DS300 “PTT Speaker/Mic. Police Body Camera”.

X-Surveillance DS300 Police Surveillance Camera • Optimum Safety – Security – Modularity

The X-Surveillance DS300 Surveillance Camera is an unique device. The X-Surveillance DS300 body camera is a specially designed, 4 in 1 device built for optimum modularity, security and safety.

  1. PTT Handheld Speaker / Microphone, including Two-Way Radio Connection
  2. HD & Nightvision Video Recorder, including pre-recording and GPS location
  3. HD & Nightvision Photo & Voice Recorder, to improve evidence when required
  4. Safety features, including Flashlight and Shock- and water resistant

Learn more about the X-SURVEILLANCE POLICE Surveillance Camera!

X-Surveillance Camera for Police

More safety features than a current Push-To-Talk Speaker/Mic., the X-Surveillance DS300 is one device that includes a PTT Speaker/Mic., Full-HD Recording Camera, Night vision Recording Camera, Photo Camera, Voice Recorder, GPS location, Flashlight, and more.

* No more false accusations, misconduct, or abuse against officers.
* Increasing transparency and accountability of officers.
* Providing indisputable proof.
* Preventing confrontational situations by wearing a visible and civilian-friendly looking bodycamera.

The X-Surveillance DS300 is the solution for every public security and public safety professional.

Design of X-Surveillance Cameras

The team of the Dutch security company; X-Systems, together with partners throughout the world, have designed the X-Surveillance DS300 for over two years with the mission to develop a non-provocative, civilian-friendly video surveillance police body camera that can be used without the need to add additional equipment to the already busy equipped uniform of an officer.

What is easier than replacing a device which is already on the perfect height, with the right-angle for recording confrontational situations, and effortless to use with the already familiar Push-To-Talk button on one side and the Camera-Recording button on the other.

X-Surveillance Camera Features

The camera comes with the following specifications; 16 Megapixel image resolution, recordings in 1080p (or 720p) with 30 frames per second in AVI format and up to 10 hours of recording time and features a built-in LED flashlight. The real-time GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) are embedded in the video file and are shown on the screen.

In addition, the DS300 Full-HD Surveillance Camera an automatic IR (infrared night vision) for filming in total darkness and has a unique 20 sec. pre-crime function –  password-protected access to files – 32GB memory –  a 1.5″ monitor for the instant playback of recorded events. And last but not least is this bodycam also drop-, shock and water-resistant.


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