Remove Duplicate Photos in Easy Steps

Nowadays, people usually don’t get time to organize their computers. For instance, all of their images or photos are scattered all over the computer. Some don’t even get time to delete anything from their camera`s SD card until it gets filled. If you are facing such problems then no need to worry more about it. Let me introduce to you Duplicate Photo Finder. It compares photos just like a human would. It seeks for similarities in different images and easily finds out duplicates as well as photos of the same subject, resized images, and edited pictures. It supports all popular image formats which include JPG, PNG, GIF, RAW, TIFF and many more.

Below are some of the features:

  • Find duplicates through photo content: It searches for supplicate files by file name file size and date. It can find similar files with any degree of similarity that can be set by the user. The program can identify edited, cropped, rotated images and photos taken using different camera settings,
  • Finds Duplicate or Similar Images hassle free: It helps you find duplicate images and delete the ones you don’t need within minutes. For search, simply select the folders you want to scan, select a scan mode and run a scan.
  • Delete and move files in single click: It allows you to manage duplicate photos the way you want. You can review the scan result once the scanning is over and preview all duplicate photos. All the pictures are presented as duplicate groups where one file is the original and the others are duplicates.
  • Delete the Duplicates in Photos App: The program can find and delete duplicates in Photos in just a couple of clicks, making it perfect for managing images.

Now that you have come across the benefits of duplicate photo finder, try it today and get rid of duplicate pictures quickly and easily.