Requirements to Take Note of While Importing a Vehicle to Canada

Auto imports might be the trickiest of all forms of imports, and every detail has to be paid enough attention. When you are importing the vehicle to Canada, the rules and regulations get a bit more stringent, and hence having a customs broker with you will help you go a long way. There are many vehicles that are admissible in Canadian land from the USA. Vehicles from other countries will not be permitted within the country unless they meet certain criteria. If the vehicles are entering from overseas, you must take the help of experienced customs brokers or freights forwarders to make the process a success.

From overseas to Canada

What are the import requirements?

  • The age of the vehicle must be 15 years and above to enter Canada. The registration date by the manufacturing company will be required.
  • The vehicle has to be thoroughly washed and cleaned before exiting the exporting company. A soil exam will be performed by the CBSA when it enters Canada. There will be additional charges if the vehicle is dirty.

What are the related charges?

Here are the following charges that might be levied upon you during the process:

  • A GST of 5%, along with any added provincial tax while insuring the vehicle
  •  6% Duty
  • An excise tax of $1000 for in-dash air conditioning
  • Soil inspection for about $43
  • Handling fees by agents or at any port by the ocean carriers
  • All the vehicles getting in will be subject to getting stored at the port

From the USA to Canada

What are the import requirements?

  • Check beforehand with the website of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to ensure that the vehicles can enter Canada.
  • One needs to provide a 72-hour notice to US Customs for all land-based self-propelled vehicles.
  • Once the vehicle enters the Canadian borders, the vehicle needs to have a provincial as well as a federal inspection done right within 45 days.

What are the related charges?

  • A GST of 5% and other applicable provincial taxes will be applied when the vehicle is insured.
  • The vehicle will be duty-free if it is manufactured in North America. This is also applicable for motor bikes.
  • A duty of 6.1% will be levied upon the passenger cars, SUVs, ATVs, or trucks that are manufactured outside North America.

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