Revolutionizing The World of Professional Networking: Yuemey

Yuemey is a social networking app on iOS that automates the processes of recruiting, hiring, referrals and networking by using artificial intelligence. When stripped of the jargon, Yuemey is a networking app, objective of which is to initiate networking amongst users with similar professional abilities and aims, create such interest groups, indulge in activities for skill development and create a professional-social identity. 

Innovative steps like visual profiles and resumes, location-enabled groups and virtual recruiting eases it for networking of likeminded professionals and for organizations to find individuals that fit their workspace. 

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On Yuemey, a millennial professional can meet likeminded people or groups, search for such people, inspire them or get inspired by them.

They can also collaborate with such individuals professionally and self-endorse by sharing your goals, achievements, ambitions, professional interests and an attractive resume. 

  • Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Networking:

Through artificial intelligence, this professionally inclined social networking app processes the professional information you provide to connect you with personnel of similar interests. 

The app provides a “Personal Coach” feature which will keep coaching you by suggesting contacts, events, companies that might interest you based on your location or interest. 

  • Setting UP Live Events through Location Enabled Groups:

On yuemey, based on the location, one can easily find groups of professionals, join them or form their own group with such people and gain access to events that interest you. 

These events will be availed to you by the personal coach based on your location. These groups feature has several exciting features like trending groups, convo threads, group chats, member mention, live member display and more. 

  • Visuals Based Resume Creation:

Yuemey believes that content based resumes are so 2015. They begin the 2016’s trend by having an option to create a visual resume featuring a video intro, a dream board, an inspiration section and more. This social networking app works on “inspirations” as followers. 

Why You Need Yuemey:

Millennials characterize more than half of the global workforce. They don’t just need career opportunities but they require a career network.They not only want to be identified professionally but want to grow intellectually too. 

Many corporates only have 1:3 success rate while employing millennials. One major reason is not being able to find the right fit for their corporate culture and secondly, not engaging the right talent globally. 

Yuemey aims at solving all the problems on both ends. It creates a healthy professional network for the millennials to find where their interests lie, as well as for corporates to find conglomerates of people who are defined by their professional interests and cultural inclinations. 

Final Thoughts:

Yuemey is aiming to remove delays in finding the right talent for the right job and the talent finding the right job Vis-à-vis. By building the bridge between right kind of employees and employers, Yeumey is aiming to create waves of transformation in the hiring industry. 

Over all, the rating stands at 4.8 in iTunes.