Safe alternatives to Instagram Bots

Many businesses will try to grow their Instagram accounts manually. This will be done by searching a relevant hashtag and find other accounts that post using this hashtag also. Once these relevant accounts are found the user will follow that account, like and comment on their posts. This interaction will be done in hopes of gaining a follow back.

Although this approach can be used to gain followers it can be a tedious method which is very time-consuming. The downside is that a follow back is not guaranteed. Focusing on this time-consuming process may distract you from focusing on other areas of your business. There is a less time-consuming process which can help you grow your accounts following.

Get help growing your account from an automated service

Automated services known as Instagram Bots are utilized by businesses as they can not only grow your account they can also manage it.  Most Bots have similar standard features. However, some will allow you to schedule posts. Therefore they allow you to plan your posts ahead and can schedule multiple posts per day.

How do Bots operate?

Bots follow the similar process of searching for relevant hashtags and finding accounts to follow and like and comment on their posts. However, the benefit of using a Bot is that this is done on autopilot and left to do these repetitive tasks on its own, which will allow you to focus on other areas of business.  A Bot can be programmed to target your desired audience. An Instagram Bot is effective in growing your account and doing all of the hard labor for you, it will also save you lots of time.

Why does Instagram want to shut down Bots?

Instagram’s terms of service state that automated services are in breach. This is why Instagram has launched a crackdown against the Bots. As a result, some of the most popular Bots got shut down. Some Bots such as FollowAdder survived the crackdowns and new Bots are launching onto the market. However, the crackdown has left a lot of pro Bot users unsure whether to invest in other Bots as they could be high risk and shut down at any moment. This has users looking for another solution to grow their accounts safely and effectively.

Some safer alternatives

Safe organic growth services are not new to social media. However, they are becoming popular again as a result of Instagram’s crackdown on Bots. This is considered a safe option because it falls within Instagram’s user terms and conditions because these organic growth services use real people who are believed to be experts in social media marketing to manage your account and perform the manual engagement work. Therefore unlike the Bots, there is no fear of having your account being shut down. Managed social is the leading organic growth service currently on the market. They are effective in building your accounts following gradually and safely.