Questions about Safety of Credit Cards Online

There are many people who want to buy photography equipment from a superstore website. But, they might have questions if they live in other areas around the world.

Credit cards

Usually these questions include the safety of using their credit card on a superstore such as 42nd Street Photo in New York City. Lately there have been many superstores that have had customer information hacked and stolen from their website. But using your credit card is safe as new measures are being taken by these type stores.



Stores such as 42nd Street Photo have taken allsafeguard to make any transactions with your credit card secure. These stores are a “Verisign Secure Site” and use “‘Secure Sockets Layer” for safety. You will notice that with your URL the letters S have been added – https. When you see these you know that it is safe to handle any transaction.

Other payment methods

But if you still don’t feel secure, you can also make your transaction by submitting your order by fax or telephone at numbers listed on their website. All account numbers and other information submitted is safely isolated from any unauthorized Internet access.

Sales Tax


A sales tax of 8.875% will be applied but only if possession of the items are made in person or by mail within the state of New York. If your order is shipping to any other location outside of the United States there will be no New York state sales tax assessed. Nor will it be added if shipment is to other states within the US.

Methods of payment

You can pay for your order with all credit cards, Google and PayPal at checkout. This superstore also accepts checks; money orders paid 10 days in advance to allowed funds to clear once the store receives it. This means that the orders paid by check will not ship until the funds are verified.