Search Engine Optimization has been the buzz for long

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been the buzz for as long as internet search engines have been around. Driving the phenomenon is the game of content creators versus algorithm writers. The writers of algorithms constantly update and optimize the search engine software to produce relevant results when a person types content in the search engine’s search box. Web designers and content creators constantly try to capitalize on the mechanical nature of these algorithms in order to trick the search engine into producing their content as early as possible in the search engine results. Do this well, and you may find you have a very marketable skill. Companies love talented SEO writers. Just ask Kotton Grammer.  Stephen Floyd, a nationally recognized expert at Search Marketing & Lead Generation said of him, “I have been a professional search marketer for over ten years. I spent about 30 minutes with Kotton and I learned things that helped my business grow exponentially. His strategies, processes, and knowledge can be a game changer for anyone he chooses to do business with. I heartily endorse Kotton for search engine optimization and business growth strategies.” And that’s what Kotton Grammer Miami SEO companies does well: drives web traffic to clients’ sites.Image result for Search Engine Optimization has been the buzz for long

The concept is simple, really. These search engine algorithms read a page of content in much the same way as we do. The internet searcher, a human, types in a combination of characters that best captures whatever it is they are seeking online. The algorithm uses those characters as information in order to set particular parameters as it scans untold amounts of information on the worldwide web. It is very much the same thing we used to do in a library once the teacher assigned us a research topic. First, we’d head over to the librarian’s desk to share with her or him the particulars of our topic. He or she would then walk us over to the card catalogue, which was a miniature filing system of every book title, author, and topic arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System. Once we identified titles containing relevant words to our topic, we would then move to the section in the library containing the book. We had options. We could open that book and begin scanning through the table of contents and index for more relevant words and phrases, which would lead us to turn to the relevant pages of the book in order to skim paragraphs quickly while searching for more relevant phrases and words. Another option was to look around at the titles of books nearby, since the Dewey Decimal System arranged books of similar content together.

Effective SEO writers understand the inner workings of these algorithms. They have a feel for the way in which these algorithms instruct search engines to build instant libraries of information and place them at the fingertips of human researchers.

If your are a blogger or website owner, it pays to either invest the time and effort into learning more about Search Engine Optimization or to spend the extra money to invest in an effective SEO content writer. In cyberspace, this is a must for any company that wants to market its products and services effectively.