Smart Home Technology for the Entire Family

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Smartphones are not the only devices people have access to for advanced use. More and more gadgets are getting upgraded with smart technology, allowing users to do even more with their gear than they could have imaged. There is smart home tech for the entire family that can get added into the household.

Security System

Keeping your home safe should be one of your main concerns, especially if you have a family to watch out for. Advanced security systems, such as Nortek Security & Control, exist to make sure you can watch after your home, even when you’re away. You can use the smart-home features to view the camera monitors on a device, no matter where you’re located. If you see someone inside the house, speak into your phone and let them know they’re being recorded. It may deter criminals from taking anything if they know someone can see them. Digital doorbells may sound as well, letting family members know someone has entered the home from one area while they are located in another.


Tired of writing your shopping list on a notepad on the fridge and then forgetting it at home? With smart refrigerators you can upload the list directly to your phone so you always have it with you. Every member of the family can add in what they’d like for the week so the one doing the shopping knows what to purchase. The Samsung Hub is a popular model, while LG has various choices as well. Keep a calendar, watch a show while you cook in the kitchen, or play music, all with your refrigerator.

Home Automation

Many home automation programs get included in the security system. Rather than just getting notified if an intruder is in the home, you can receive a notification when a flood occurs, smoke begins to rise, or any change in the atmosphere becomes apparent. You can send the information to every person’s cellphone within the home, so everyone knows when it is safe to enter or when they need to get out. Some systems even allow you to turn the lights on and off when you’re away, which is helpful if you forget to switch them off before you leave.


Have you ever left the air conditioning running while you weren’t home and didn’t realize until it was too late? You can save money on your energy bill by utilizing a smart thermostat, such as one from NEST, that allows you to control the temperature from your phone. No matter where you are, you can turn the temperature in the house up or down based on what you’d like it to be set at around that time. If you want it off while you’re away, but also want to turn it back on and have the place cool before you arrive home, you can control those settings before you ever step foot in the door.

From smart refrigerators, to home automation and security systems, there are countless smart tech devices and gadgets that can added into your home. They work well for the whole family to either keep everyone safe or at least on the same page. Smartphones are just the beginning. With all of these gadgets incorporating similar capabilities, you and your family can live in a home of the future.