Social Media Marketing and Other Digital Marketing Strategies Should Your Business be Using?

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Whilst traditional marketing techniques such as posters, radio and newspaper ads or fliers at the urinals may still hold some weight, there is no marketing strategy in today’s world that works quite as well as digital marketing does. Regardless of your business’ industry, niche or even its scale, this method of marketing has the ability to tap into more potential customers than any that have gone before and whatever your budget, you can get involved in this type of marketing for your business.

Before starting with digital marketing however, you must first ensure that your company has a strong online reputation, there is little to be gained from marketing if you have a great deal of negative content written about you online. Thankfully there are lots of great rep management firms who can help you out and you should ignore any complaints which you may have heard, and contract a team like this who know what they are doing. On you have your reputation in line, here are some of the ways in which you can market online.

Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing is and excellent strategy which taps in to one of the juggernauts on the internet which binds the whole community together and you can help to massively improve your company’s fortunes with a smart comparing across social channels. The beauty of social media marketing is that it costs far less than most forms and it reaches out to a far wider group of people. Through social media marketing you can even drill in directly to your target demographic so that you are honing your marketing to the right people.

Email Marketing

Many dismiss email marketing because it is not as powerful as it was in the past, this however is not a reason to ignore it altogether. Average click through rates on email marketing these days is around 2% which is still a great deal if you consider sending 10,000 promotional emails about your products and services.

Promotional Marketing

Coupon websites such as Groupon have intense popularity and if you want to show off your products and services to a new group of customers then using such sites is a great way of doing so. You will offer your products for a lower price and put them up for sale on a site like Groupon, customers will snap up the promotion and then return for more business if they like the product or service which they have received.

Relationship Marketing

A very cheap and highly effective marketing method online is relationship marketing which is all about talking with customers through social channels, engaging with them on a human level and then offering them your products. Trust is hard to gain in today’s world and if you want to get loyal customers then adding the human touch is a vital tool.