The Best Email Archive Solution is Found on the Cloud – Here’s Why

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If you have a business, then you need to make sure that you do all you can to survive in what is a very competitive environment. One of the key methods of communication in any business today is email, but, unfortunately, email is very easy to compromise. This means that, to maintain that competitive edge, you need to make sure that you have the best email archive solution in place. Doing so means that you can proudly state that you are protected from hackers and viruses, while also being fully compliant with issues relating to eDiscovery.

The Importance of the Best Email Archive Solutions

Email archive solutions allow you to properly manage those thousands of emails that are received on a day to day basis. It can archive both incoming and outgoing emails, which means you are in full compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in the Unite State as well. To do this, the recommendation is now to use an archiving solution that is cloud-based. This means that your intellectual property is protected through security measures, and so is your physical property, as you will be able to retrieve all your communication in case of a disaster.

Why You Should Opt for the Cloud

Let’s take a look at the key reason why the best email archive solutions are found on the cloud:

  1. It ensures you have eDiscovery capabilities. Without this, you could face legal action for not having acceptable security norms. Additionally, eDiscovery means that you have an effective paper trail that proves your actions. This is vital if you are HIPPA, SEC, or GLBA registered.
  2. It stops people from being able to alter or tamper with your emails. The original document will be stored and it is not possible to make any changes to that original. This means that you have proof that nothing has been modified, which is very important in litigation.
  3. It gives you unlimited levels of data storage, although this does depend on your provider. However, even providers with limitations on how much data you can store will have options in place to purchase more storage space. Best of all, none of this costs the earth, even if you do have to purchase additional storage.
  4. It ensures you can instantly recover from a disaster. If your building is destroyed by a flood, fire, natural disaster, or human tampering, all your emails will still exist, as they are stored on the cloud. The minute you regain access to the internet, which can be remotely, you will have access to your emails again as well.
  5. You can quickly and easily monitor all conversations. Indeed, a lot of businesses use these solutions to determine their employees are not sharing confidential information with others or otherwise misusing the system. Simply having this in place acts as a deterrent in most cases, which means productivity and efficiency increases. So much so, in fact, that many businesses see a full return on investment.