The Best Mid-Range Phone? Overview of Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

For years, Apple has reigned as the best smartphone brand in the market. However, eventually, Samsung competed at an equal level with Apple, claiming to produce smartphones with as good quality—if not better than—as Apple.

2021 may not have been the best year, but it’s shaping up to be a good one for Samsung! With their consolidated revenue totalling KRW 73.98 trillion, 10% more than last year’s, their smartphones have proven to be a favourite among people from all over the world.

However, although Samsung has nothing left to prove when it comes to producing one of the best electronics in the world, the incoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G promises to transcend the limits of what a mid-range phone can offer!

Better Than the Galaxy A52 5G?

Combining a Snapdragon 750G CPU with 5G networking and a 120Hz display at a great price made the Galaxy A52 5G one of the best smartphones of the year, but its successor begs to differ. With the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G launch just around the corner, smartphone enthusiasts and the average population are looking forward to how it will perform compared to the highly praised Galaxy A52 5G.

Based on the published renders from OnLeaks and Digit, Samsung’s upcoming mid-range phone is definitely one to anticipate!

Notable Features of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

AT first glance, the Galaxy A53 5G looks almost identical to its predecessor, including features such as the quad rear camera arrangement and the bump matching the colour of the device’s back. However, when you study the device closely, you’ll notice a few differences.

No Headphone Jack

The removal of omission of the 3.55 port is in no way new, but it may be inconvenient for those who prefer using wired headphones instead of wireless buds.Samsung’s A-series phones all have the headphone jack, but the Galaxy A53 5G doesn’t induce one. In 2019, Samsung removed the headphone jack from its flagships, and it looks like midrange devices are getting the same treatment.

64MP Main Camera

If you’re looking forward to a better camera with the Galaxy A 53, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. For better or worse, Samsung’s newest A-series smartphone will sport the same 63MP lens as its predecessor.

Since the Galaxy A50 series is known to recycle hardware, you can expect the 64 MP lens to stay for a while, at least until mid-range phones begin to feature 108MP modules.

What to Expect

Since the Galaxy A53 will likely be launched in early 2022, it’s a bit early to speculate its hardware. However, we can expect that the smartphone will reuse its predecessor’s Snapdragon 778G SoC and 120Hz AMOLED screen.


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A53 5G is certainly a device worth looking forward to! However, we have yet to see whether or not it will set itself apart from similarly-priced offerings from other brands. The Galaxy A53 5G could give Samsung leverage and gain back some market share with the right features and additions.

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