The Future of Web Design – Trends to Watch 2018

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Since the beginning of the Digital Age, developers and designers have been looking for increasingly better ways to design and create websites. In 2018, websites will be better than ever before so it is important to stay relevant on web design trends. The internet moves quickly and if you are in the web design business, you need to as well. Ivio, a Phoenix digital agency helped us put together the list below.

Creative Typography

Minimalism has become a major trend in the web design industry. Streamlined, “clean” websites are becoming more and more popular. Generally speaking, beautiful and unique typography helps create this specific look. By avoiding flashy images and investing design work into great type fonts, a minimalistic image can be conceived. Branding a website through fonts is a trend everyone can look forward to in 2018.

Bright, Vibrant Colors

2018 will be a great year for website designers who love gradients and bold, vibrant colors. Designers will rejoice in the endless creative possibilities that can be accomplished by using statement colors. Bright colors are incredibly eye-catching and captivate users when they are viewing a specific webpage. Because vibrant, bright colors can be used in so many different web design styles, these colors can be utilized in many projects.

Engaging, High-Quality Images

As people become more in-tune with modern marketing techniques, it is important for websites to move from stock photos to high-quality, custom images. The investment in creating unique, engaging content will be worthwhile in 2018. Stock photos are outdated and recognizable by users engaging in a webpage. These generic images make the website look inexpensive and low-quality. Adding thoughtful, fantastic images to a website can make a huge difference in the way a website is perceived.