The Inconvenient Truth About SEO

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When it comes to attracting customers to your website the top SEO company experts will tell you that your website is a continuous work in progress that will never be complete. The way to attract this project is to simply understand that you need to do daily actions to keep growing the traffic to your website. This can be daunting to many website owners who simply leave the site along because of the work they perceive that is involved. The reality is that daily actions can be as simple as taking five minutes to go to your website and respond to a few comments. It can also mean adding new content to your website each day. This seems to overwhelm many website owners, the truth is that there are techniques to adding content that could take you minutes if you follow a few simple tips.

Top SEO experts will agree that the best way to improve your website ranking is by adding new content to your website. Web owners often feel this is too much for them to handle because they not only do not have the time to create an article, they do not have the skills to write an article either. The bottom line is this may seem like a daunting task at first, but with practice you can write a new article of up to five hundred words in less than a half hour with practice. Your content needs to be relevant to your website niche and it needs to have your main keywords within the paragraphs in a very particular pattern.

Your article needs to be broken into four or five paragraphs. Within those paragraphs your main keyword for that particular article needs to be in each paragraph one time. The last paragraph should have the keyword hyper linked to either your website product page or to another page within the website that relates to the same subject but offers more detailed information. This simple layout can really have significant results when the search engine spiders find your new pages. As more and more content is indexed in the same relative keyword niche your website will benefit from increased exposure.

This may still be a challenge to many website owners who are short on time. Writing new content everyday may seem like a challenge and often overlooked for easier SEO techniques. There is a way to simplify this process and still get the maximum results of fresh content on your website. Simply doing a search for article directories will give you a huge list of websites where writers are eagerly waiting to write articles for you twenty-four hours a day. These writers will create content for you on any subject and often for a few dollars. There are plenty of websites where you can hire a writer to create articles for five dollars an article. For a small fee each day you can be adding fresh content in minutes to your website. The top SEO company professionals say the price of the articles will be tiny compared to all the additional business your website will begin to experience as the articles get indexed.