The Top 5 Areas Where LEDs are the Most Common

Due to their energy-efficiency LEDs are gaining popularity in many spheres. They are not only efficient, environmentally friendly but also very reliable and durable.


Here are 5 most frequent LEDs applications:

1.      Residential lighting

It is common to find LEDs in residential premises. They work perfectly in terms of energy saving which makes them more reputable and popular among modern consumers. Home owners are always open to anything that will enable them to save a few dollars. Modern homes are making good use of LEDs when reducing their energy consumption levels. LEDs are therefore used for kitchens, cabinets, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, balcony lighting among many others.LEDs are ideal for residential general lighting as they minimize monthly energy bills.

2.      Commercial/industrial lighting

LEDs are taking over the traditional halogen and incandescent lights. Today Indoor LED Lamps are being used in commercial buildings interior and exterior lighting due to their energy efficiency. It is also normal to find them being used in parking areas, street lights, garages and other spaces.

3.      Backlighting

Today consumers are very attached to their devices.  For that many will attest to the fact that LEDs make their displays effective and convenient. LED displays have multiple benefits to consumers in terms of brightness, low energy consumption leading to battery longevity, dynamism in visual aspect and durability among others. Another beauty is that they come with varying colors display option.

4.      Automotive industry.

The automobiles industry has gone through a tremendous evolutional change over the past years. LEDs are now being used for enhancing the latest automobiles interiors and exteriors. Neon and halogen lights are becoming outdated with time. It is not rare to see LED lights in signals, headlights, dashboards and security status lights in most modern European premium vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi among many others.

5.      Beauty Industry

This is maybe the most interesting application of all. The beauty industry has not been left behind by technology. LED’s high color rendering index helps stylists to find the most suitable make-up or hair color for a particular face. Tanning machines are also coming with LED lights.

LEDsare becoming a part of our everyday life and their popularity will only grow in future. They already overcome analogs in terms of energy- and cost-efficiency, durability and eco-friendliness. The only thing which slows down their growth is comparative high price from led light bulb manufacturers. But it is also forecasted to fall in a few years. So we may already say that LED technology is the future of lighting.