The Top Three Apps for Cyclists

If you’re a bike rider that both loves bicycling and their smartphone, you’re going to want to know the best apps to make the two worth together even better. So take a look at all these amazing apps, and be sure to load them on to your phone before you hop back on your trusty ebike.

Social Bicycles

Sure, you may have a favorite bike of your own, but what about when you’re in a different city? Or maybe you’re just at a friend’s house. Either way, there are plenty of times where it may be a beautiful day out, but you’re bike-less.

Well, fear no more – Social Bicycles is here to save the day with next generation bike sharing. Instead of having to find a bulky dock, these bikes can be anywhere: in front of a shop, chained to a bike rack, just down the block, etc. Use the app to register a bike, unlock, and start riding for just a few bucks per hour. And when you’re done, you can just drop the bike off wherever you like.

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Riding bikes can be a great solitary activity, but some people want to make it a tad bit more “social.” That’s where Strava comes in. Think of it as a fitness tracker crossed with a social network.

So, first you can see exactly where you biked (or ran) and compare that route and time with previous attempts. Next, you can share that info with friends – maybe brag a bit about how fast you went! Or look at their routes and see if there’s something inspiring out there. The more you compete with your buds, the healthier you’re all going to be. It’s truly a win-win.

Bike Gear Calculator

Are you a “bike nerd?” Well then you’re going to love this last app – Bike Gear Calculator.

It really lets you tune up every last aspect of your bike. Once you’ve put in bike stats like your tire size, crank length, and cadence, it’ll calculate all sorts of things for you: gear ratio, speed, rotations, and much more. No more whipping out the calculator to do those tricky math problems, this app does it all for you!