TheNeurosphere Launches a Platform For Digital Business Product Developers

New platform for IT developers is being tested.

TheNeurosphere, a neural networks development company, has announced the beginning of a beta testing stage for a platform created by the company to test API products using Mock objects (a simulated interface similar to the real one, serving for interaction testing purposes).

API will enable The Neurosphere users to develop new products, release apps and automate the business process with a significant reduction in the time of the first API call.

TheNeurosphere announces on its official website that it zeros the fees for customers for using mock data, at the same time keeping users access to API products with real data and a debug server.

The next stage of testing is: “sandbox”

The company’s management promises to add a “sandbox” at the next stage of testing, where the user will be able to test using real data. Testing will be limited to 5 numbers, access to which the client will have to confirm with a one-time password, and the number of requests will also be limited. Thus, it will be possible for the consumer to test the degree of integration with real data.

TheNeurosphere development team warns that at the current stage of private beta testing, the consumer may not use all functions, but over time, the functionality of the user’s account will have to increase.

TheNeurosphere provides IT product developers with access to its services
The platform will provide potential partners of the company with the opportunity to connect to its database and, in integration with it, use the services it offers, which are already available as a trial version for developers of products, ideas and apps.

As it was previously reported on The Neurosphere official website, on October 9, the company’s management announced the launch of a beta version of an online platform for testing interaction with IT products manufacturing companies. With its help, it became possible to connect to the services of companies and to use the entire set of data provided by the operator for the purpose of developing and testing products.