Things to Know Before Purchasing a Photography Drone

Drones are assuming an important place in many niches, especially in aerial photography. Every day you hear of new drones getting launched, the latest in the series is the DJI Phantom 5. However, with common knowledge about drones still lacking, many feel at sea about choosing the right one. To make things simpler, we present below some considerations that you should take notice of before purchasing the photography drone.

Look into the image quality

Any photographer would know about how the sensors affect the image quality. This holds true for photography drones as well. There are varying sensors available depending on the level of your photography. Again, a large CMOS gives you good quality footage even in low light, but you ignore it if you are not into night photography.

Video resolution

The video resolutions of the drone can range from low-quality HD to 4K. For cinematic videos, 4K is the best as video editing like scaling, cropping and rotating decreases the footage resolution. Depending on how professional you are and what are your requirements, you can choose accordingly.

The drone hovering capability

If you are looking for awesome aerial photos, the stable hovering capability of the drone should be on target. Without this capability, the drone would rise, fall or shift leading to blurry images. This stable capacity is achieved through an advanced flight control system and onboard sensors. It’s best to check on it.

Mounted gimbal

A gimbal is a vital equipment to get steady photos and videos. In most drones, this comes as accessories or none at all. It is always preferable to go for a drone with a mounted gimbal.

Flight times

The maximum flight time of most photography drones is 30 minutes. The standard photography drones offer a flight time of 20 minutes though the best can go up to 25 minutes. Thus, you also need to learn to use every second.