Things You should Consider before Using the SIM Only Plans

Several big telecommunications and small providers have been known to offer their customers with Sim Only plans for both prepaid and postpaid services. It implies that rather than signing up a contract and acquiring a new phone as part of the deal, you should acquire a SIM card connected to the network of your provider. It could be inserted into the phone of your choice in order to make the most of your new plan.

What is a SIM card?

A SIM or Subscriber Identity Module card could be best described as a small removable card designed to store data requisite for identifying a subscriber on a specific mobile network. You would have the option to remove the SIM from the existing phone and put it into another compatible device. However, it should either be with the same telecommunications provider or you would have unlocked it from the original network.

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SIM only plans with alluring features

SIM only plans could come with all kinds of features that you could link with regular mobile plans. However, the reason they cost you less would be them not adding the price of a new handset. You could gain more information on the features by logging on to

The telecommunications companies would actually not make money by selling the phones to the customers; rather they would make a profit by selling the use of their network via the plans themselves.

Why are SIM only plans perfect for you?

Find below three major reasons that make SIM only plans perfect for you.

  • You have an unlocked phone that you wish to keep or looking forward to getting it unlocked.
  • You intend to pay less on your monthly phone bill
  • Despite your contract is up, you intend to wait for a new phone to be released in order to upgrade.

Understanding the working of SIM only plans

You would come across two kinds of SIM only deals, such as:

  • Pay monthly, and
  • Pay as you go

The major difference between both the plans would be paying for monthly SIM only deals would be inclusive of allowance for calls, text along with data that you would be required to pay for every 30 days. However, with the pay as you go SIM only deals would require you to top up your account with credit.

A common thing to both the plans would be neither of them includes a free deal.

Benefits of using a pay monthly SIM only plan

Let us delve on some of the benefits offered by pay monthly SIM only deal.

  • A good plan

It happens to be a good plan provided your current contract has ended and you were unsure of what to do next. In event of you not looking forward to committing a longer contract or you look forward to having a specific handset to be available, the SIM only deal would be a good plan for you.

  • Hassle free money management

You could pay using direct debit. It would be pertinent to mention here that as long as you do not go beyond the monthly allowances, you would be aware of what you have been paying.

  • Different paying criteria

Despite there being a credit check in place, you could make the most of different criteria in order to for pay monthly deal. Therefore, it might be a great plan for you provided you have previously failed credit checks or you do not wish to make use of the option at hand.

In order to sign up, you would be required to browse the wide variety of SIM only deals made available on the website.