Tips on Choosing the Best Laptop to Suit Your Needs

 When it comes to choosing a laptop, there are now so many choices that it’s quite easy to get confused and lost in all the options that lay in front of you. That is the reason why this best laptop guide exists, in order to make it easier for you to understand the major differences between all the types of laptops that are out there.

Yes, there are different types of laptops for various purposes. Of course, the core idea behind the laptop remains the same: portability. However, that is not all. There are several types of laptops meant to suit each and every person because let’s face it, even if you need a portable device when you travel once a month, you would also like a powerful laptop when you are not on the road.

Let’s go further with this best laptop guide and have a more detailed look at what types of laptops are out there.

  • Tablet Laptop

You could say that the tablet-laptop is the precursor for today tablet PCs like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or Motorola Xoom or the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. These laptops are designed for high portability and are usually sold with other operating systems than the kind you are used with on your desktop.

  • Subnotebooks and Notebooks

These types of laptops are focusing on portability and are not designed for multimedia use, as usually, these devices lack the presence of an optical drive. They are very light, small, and have a long battery life; they come packing light-weight operating systems such as Windows 7 Starter edition and are mainly focused on web-browsing and other Internet-related activities.

  • Rugged or Hackintosh Laptop

This type of laptop must be mentioned in this Hackintosh laptop reviews guide for several reasons. A rugged or Hackintosh laptop is designed to be very durable in harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, shock, humidity, etc. These devices are very costly due to the fact that they are usually built from scratch, using different technologies like for example the solid-state HDD. Don’t bother buying this type of laptop unless you are working or traveling in very harsh conditions. These laptops are not designed as an all-rounder.

Desktop Replacement (Gaming Laptop) is the last type of laptop in our best laptop guide. The Desktop replacement laptop is a laptop designed for both portability and performance as well, for those of you who travel occasionally and would like to take their desktop with them. However, you need to keep in mind that even though the price for these devices has dropped in the last few years, they are still quite expensive; gaming laptop will not be as powerful as a beefy desktop computer. But it’s close enough.