Tips to Simplify and Clean up the AutoCAD Drawing

AutoCAD is computer aided software which is used to make blueprints for big building, dams, bridges and houses etc. The high end software creates 2D and 3D drawings in no time with great precision. Some people like to have clearer, tidy and neat drawings. Here are few tips that can be handy in simplifying and cleaning the drawings.

Few points to keep in mind while creating AutoCAD drawings:

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  • Keep drawings trimmed

Keep the drawings efficient and trimmed by using objects instead of copying. Because if you make a copy of an element then you are actually doubling the memory space needed for the element. Use techniques like linetype and standard layers.

  • Purge

It is used to reduce the size of the drawing. Purge helps to avoid the unimportant things that accumulate over the drawing. This is a very crucial point it will really help you to efficiently carry out the drawing.

  • Save the work and Restart

Once you purge the drawing make sure that you save the work and then reopen the application. This will help in creating free memory space.

  • Convert solids to meshes

If in a 3D model you do not want to edit the solid then convert solid into mesh. This process will take less memory space and will lighten up the system.

  • Prevent from Scaling

When you insert your drawing make sure that the units of measurement are not changed or scaled to another unit.

  • Give names to object

If you work in a company then it is advisable to name the objects with suitable names. This practice will make your work easier and will also improve the understanding of the object.

  • Freeze

In freezing, the layer becomes invisible but along with it the objects on the layer are also removed.

  • Audit

The Audit command is used to make sure that the objects of the drawing are stored properly and correctly. This command is very helpful in large drawings. This command scans all the tables and objects in the drawing and makes sure that all are neat and tidy.

  • Open partially

This is also a very good option as it enables to open only a part of a large drawing.

  • Change the laptop

Last and the least probability is that you need to change your laptop. May be your laptop has an old and slower processor or may be the RAM is less. You can choose a good laptop from the list of top 6 best laptops for AutoCAD in 2017 and boost the speed of making AutoCAD drawings.