To Be a Girl Gamer In a Male Dominant Society

Have you ever thought how does it feel to be a gamer girl? Here are a few things to know about a girl who love to play video games and how does it feel to be one. Yes, there is only game which doesn’t believe in discrimination of men and women. Women have all controls and freedom about choosing games and play.

Who is a called a gamer girl?

A gamer girl is the one who loves to play video games and enjoys playing them just like guys do. She is one amongst those who believe that gaming has no relation with age, gender, race or community. She is a little different from an average gamer and likes to play games on any kind of platform regarding any genre. Yes, girls having interest in games are exist! There are many girls around the globe who are damn addicted to games, and spent their most of the time after games. Did you know 90% of characters created in games are of girls, which are far high than boys.

How are female gamers affected in the male dominant society?

Though the society says that men and women should be treated and seen equally in all aspects, there are still some people who deal with prejudice and stereotyping. Moreover, they believe that most of the gamer girls are not so skilled to play the games and they are many times treated as enemies or aliens instead of friends. Many believe that girls play video games just to get the attention of guys. The intentions of these people are not bad. They just overlook girls and see them with a totally different perspective and make them feel segregated. So, guys, be matured and let girls play the games and break records. People think that women have some limitation about playing games and they play maximum candy crush and some little more games, but no, the trend is changed.

How are female gamers different from other girls?

Not all men are same and some believe that the female gamers are better than the normal ones, but I don’t think so, coz I have seen lot of girls who are damn good at playing games and better than boys. These girls will be happy to stay at home and play games with their partner. They will listen to everything you say carefully and will also not get angry on you even if you play games for long. One cannot judge any girl before knowing them and should respect them irrespective of them playing games or not. Even some family members give gifts like perfumes, dresses, pajamas and etc. but why don’t they think that there are girls who may need a play station to play games!

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