Top 4 Penny Stocks To Watch In The Tech Sector

All technology companies have the same goal: to innovate. This holds true for both older technology companies and new ones that are springing up each year.

This is why many people who invest in penny stocks choose to do so in the stocks of tech companies, believing that a particular company will be the next big breakthrough.

While you should never form an emotional connection with a company when it comes to penny stock trading, it’s also true that certain penny stock tech companies are very promising with big potential for rewards.

Remember, every company (no matter how promising) has to deal with raising capital, paying off debts, and diversifying resources. Tech companies are no different, so know that you are going to be taking a risk no matter what.

Nonetheless, here are the top four penny stocks to watch in the tech sector, in alphabetical order:

Arotech Corporation

Arotech Corporation looks promising because it is combining two of the biggest technological trends today: virtual reality and drones. Arotech builds and sells technology to law enforcement and the military, as well as the security sector. While the company has struggled to grow over the past year, in an era where there is much increased attention on drones and artificial intelligence in general, this is still a company that should be on your radar.

MoSys Inc.

MosSys Inc has existed since 1991. As of late 2016, the company has more than enough money to cover its liabilities. But the real reason why this company is worth investing in because the stock price recently dropped to around $0.20, and yet many analysts see the price rising dramatically soon to $2 or more per share. It could be a great chance to make big on your investment.

Quantum Corporation

Two products from Quantum Corporation were named by Storage Magazine as finalists for their product of the year. Current stock prices for the company are hovering at around $0.95 each, and revenues have been steadily rising over the past year and the operating income from the company has also become positive. Overall the future of Quantum Corporation definitely looks promising.

Zix Corporation

Zix is an email provider that markets itself as providing secure messaging to government entities and corporations. Their unique approach to encryption is what makes them a highly attractive service to use. Sales for Zix have rising sharply in the past five years, and on occasion the price of their stock has actually risen above five dollars. Their earnings per share is positive, and now might be your last chance to invest in the company before their shares are no longer even classified as penny stocks.

The Top Tech Penny Stocks To Watch

Trading penny stocks means that you’re going to have to make some guesses and assumptions about the future of the companies you are investing in no matter what, but the penny stock tech companies that we have covered here are currently the most promising ones for late 2017.