Top Strategy for Inbound Marketing for Software-as-a-service companies

There are several common SaaS marketing and lead gen strategies that have proven effective time and again. Our favorite because it generates the greatest results is digital content. Here is a quick introduction.

Once you have defined your target market, trends, and personas, next is building content in the form of ebooks, articles, blog posts, and brochures. The content should be about a hot topic and aligned with the buyer’s journey and include use of keywords. Manage the incoming visitors to your website using marketing automation tools.

Collect new contacts as subscribers and create nurturing campaigns. During this stage you are building new contact assets as white papers, case studies, and online tools. Align the tactics and content to the levels your sales funnel. One effective method to increasing your content library is using a content curation tool. Once the leads are qualified, by request for information on a landing page or scored by frequency and number of touchpoints, create a call and email list and assign a Sales Development Rep with making outbound prospecting calls

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