Ukraine Suffers From Cyber Attack, Investigations Begin

Last 5-6 years have brought many tensions in Ukraine people, and the latest on the list is an organized cyber attack. According to reports, the local police in Cherkasy region are investigating into recent cyber crime incidents which were reported a few months away. The incidents were first reported in the month of June 2017, in which hackers carried out a mass cyber attack and targeted thousands of computers from over 60 countries.

Ever since this attack took place, police found out that a total of £8000 in bitcoins have been moved from one account to another. Not to mention, it was the same account which hackers used to accept ransom money in the past. The authorities looking into this matter claim that attackers warned them in advance. According to them, the attackers carried out the cyber attack were ready to decrypt all the computers for a one off payment of £200,000.

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An Attempt To Deceive Police?

Initially, it looked like the case was pretty simple. Attackers were after money and had no other plans. But the researchers investigating this matter think otherwise. According to them, attackers asked for money only to deceive the police. Their actual goal is to cause a widespread damage. Attackers want to target a huge number of computers in order to create a panic situation across the globe.

That being said, the police investigating this matter believe that they will be able to catch all the culprits behind this crime. All those responsible for the cyber attack will spend at least three years behind the bars.

The attacks not only affected individuals using the Internet for their routine tasks but also many large businesses which marriage tens of thousands of customer’s data online. One of the victims, Anastasia Dating Network, claimed that over 500 of its current partners in Ukraine alone were affected by this cybercrime. Company’s senior officials are following the investigations closely and making every attempt to put culprits behind bars.

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