Understanding Positive Emojis and its Uses

There has been a lot going on lately, and what makes us able to continue living is because we’re happy. With almost everyone able to use the internet today, there are already ways to express yourself online, using emojis. An emoji is an icon consisting of smiley faces, various heart shapes, colors, sizes, and winking eyes that people use on email, social media, and text messages. 


You can see emojis anywhere and every day. It has become common for people to use emoji when communicating with someone. This way, they can express more of their feelings, and it’s easy for others to understand them. That is especially when communicating through text messages, chat, or email. So here’s what you should know when it comes to emojis.

Grinning Face with Big Eyes

One of the most popular emojis people use is the grinning face with big eyes. This emoji shows a big face with a genuine smile, showing the teeth and wide eyes. This emoji type has only one meaning: happiness as it’s also considered a happy face emoji. Aside from that, it also means that a person has positive thinking resulting in joy. It can also mean excitement, agreement, or kindness. 

The grinning face with big eyes emoji can be used to express happiness when communicating with another person. Use it to support others’ ideas and make a positive response, but it’s primarily used to express happiness. 

Rolling on the Floor Laughing

The rolling on the floor laughing emoji is also considered as a happy face emoji. This type of emoji has a smiling face with crying tears while leaning on one side. People often use the abbreviation “ROFL” when conversing with someone through text messages or chat. You can see that this emoji is rolling over from uncontrollable laughter.

Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes

The smiling face with smiling eyes is also one of the most-used emojis today. This emoji shows a smiling face and eyes. It also has big rosy cheeks and a closed smile. People often use this when they want to show love and friendship. Other than that, it also shows mild excitement, warmth, and above all, genuine happiness. 

Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes

The beaming face with smiling eyes emoji shows a look with a full-toothed grin. People use this emoji to express great satisfaction. May it be through food, friendship, and other stuff. It also shows a bright personality and especially happiness. 

Face with Tears of Joy

The face with tears of joy emoji is slightly similar to the rolling on the floor laughing emoji. The only difference they have is the eyes. The ROFL emoji seems to be showing more excitement than this emoji. But, both are considered happy emojis. So the face with tears of joy indicates that tears are coming down from both eyes. 

Have you ever experienced laughing at your friends’ joke that makes it really hard for you to breathe, and at the same time, got teary-eyed? That’s the face with tears of joy. Aside from having tears coming down from both eyes, this emoji also shows uplifted eyebrows and a big laugh.  

Why Do You Need to Use Emojis?

Nowadays, emoji has become a means of communication. Chatting or texting with your friends and family wouldn’t be complete without the use of emojis. It’s also helpful for people who have a hard time expressing their feelings to their friends and loved ones. Using emojis, you can define if you’re sad, afraid, frustrated, mad, excited, and happy. It would be effortless communicating with someone using emojis. 

There may be times we can express our feelings verbally, whether through phone or in-person, that we aren’t as comfortable putting into a message. This is the time emojis can help. A lot of people have been more confident in expressing their feelings when using emoji. This way, they can be more expressive of their thoughts and communicate freely with everyone without worry. 

Ways to Use Emojis

There are countless ways to use emojis. But the most common uses are for communication and expression. It can help save a child from being bullied, it can help to understand what the person is going through, and it can express happiness without uttering a single word. Here are the most common uses of emojis.

  • It’s used to soften a blow.
  • It can be used to lighten the mood.
  • Use emojis when you don’t know what words to express.
  • You can also use emojis as a comfortable way of communicating.

There are countless emojis you can find on the internet, and every emoji has its own meaning. If you’re having a hard time expressing yourself to others, try using emoji as a means of communication. You’ll be amazed at what it can do to help you. Emojis can, indeed, make the world a better place.