Understanding the Need for Email Validation and How It Is Helpful For the Users

Validating emails is a verification process to determine whether an Email ID is valid or not and if it is deliverable. This process recognises if there are any typos in the email list. It also checks if the ID exists on any domain such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. As a result of this data cleaning, your database has more reach and makes the process of email marketing much smoother.

Email validation, prior to sending out emails for an email marketing campaign, has a range of benefits. The following are some of its benefits- 

Reduces Bounce Rate 

When sending mass emails, there are bound to be certain manual errors. Either on the customer’s end or on the employee’s end. Marking emails to such IDs will only lead to them bouncing back and the domain sending a standard error notification stating that the ID put in is invalid. 

In such cases, validating the email IDs reduces the bounce back by 98%. It improves the deliverability and reach of the email and ensures that there is no invalid IDs on the server. 


When a business or company purchases a package for email services from a domain, they are charged based on the volume of emails that are sent. Hence, the higher the email volumes, the more cost inducing it is. By scrapping out invalid email IDs, businesses can save a chunk of funds. It results in an increase in revenue.

Laser Focus 

According to Market Week, 60% of users intentionally give wrong email addresses and personal details when submitting their personal details on a forum. Furthermore, 10% of the email addresses submitted are invalid due to manual errors. Looking at these numbers, it is clear that a very small portion of the email IDs are valid, and others need to be eliminated. By validating the database and emails that an organisation has, they can increase one on one customer interactions. Which inadvertently leads to more business opportunities. Through the process of validation, the audience is narrowed down to as small of a number as possible which gives the business more space to focus on customers that have a genuine interest in the service they offer. 

Avoids Blacklisting 

An address is backlisted when the domain receives a high number of spam requests, and the email list hygiene is bad. An email list with bad hygiene essentially means a list largely composed of invalid email IDs. In the event that your account is blacklisted, your mails will not be received by the actual audience of the service. With the help of email address validation; this phenomenon can be avoided to a very large extent as it eradicates invalid addresses. 

All in all, getting your email list validated is an essential part of ensuring that email marketing strategies work in full force. Not eliminating inauthentic addresses is counterproductive in many ways, as seen above, and can stagnate potential business received through promotional emails.