Uses for Type C Plugs

A Type C Plug is a common sight in Europe, Africa, and many other regions. This plug features two 4 mm in diameter pins, with a 19 mm gap in between them. The diameter of the prongs allows it to work with outlets that are sized between 4 mm to 4.8 mm, which gives it a lot of flexibility. Type E, F, and H readily accept this plug. It is capable of powering devices that need up to 2.5 amps of electricity. Here are a few items that work with a Type C plug. 

Small Appliances

Many small household and kitchen appliances fall within the 2.5 amp limit with Type C plugs. Heating pads, electric blankets, and fans make their home in the living room to create a more comfortable environment. The kitchen sees many devices, from a hand mixer to a toaster. You would be hard pressed to make meals without the help of this handy plug hardware. Image result for Uses for Type C Plugs


Your home would look terribly odd without any lights, so the practical benefits of the Type C plug can be seen right away in this respect. However, lighting also plays a major role in your house’s overall decor. Floor and table lamps can bring a room’s design together or offer a striking accent. Task lighting brightens up the room so you can clearly see what you’re working on, while mood lighting sets the atmosphere. 

Heat Lamps

Want to grow a garden no matter what the weather outside is like? Heat lamps provide the appropriate UV rays and a higher temperature to encourage growth throughout the year. These lights are useful for reptile and fish tanks as well, as they allow these animals to spend some time in the simulated sun with temperatures that are close to their natural habitat. 

Computer Equipment

Laptops, chargers, printers and other computer equipment depend on type C plugs to keep them running. Your office and home may have a lot of tech equipment that you depend on. Without the reliability of this plug, you wouldn’t be able to stream movies from a tablet, talk to your friends on social networks on your laptop or print out your to-do list. 

Travel Adapter

Since the Type C plug works with a wide range of outlets, it makes an excellent travel adapter. One of the most common types is the Type A or B to C adapter, which converts American style plugs to its European counterpart.