VFX – A New Trend In Today’s Cinema

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We all are crazy about movies and nowadays they have become the most important part of today’s lifestyle. We learn a lot of things from cinema. We love visual effects, which are shown in the movies that make it realistic and these effects enable movie’s directors to target more and more audience.

However, all these effects are quite costly, but it helps audience in creating a new imaginary World. There are many computer generated software that makes vfx effects inexpensive and easy to use. Audience gives their awesome reviews after watching such type of movies.

Planning is done before adding Visual effect in the movie and added after complete production of the movie. All the effects are added in such a manner so that it seems like real.

What are the benefits of Visual Effects in the movies?

  • VFX let the directors change a small item into the large one, which gives a new story line to the movies.
  • Visual effects help directors in highlighting the most important and major part of the movie.
  • By using VFX in the movies, directors can turn their imagination level into the other phase.

Few Examples of VFX

  • World War Z
  • Street Summer
  • Sky 360
  • Sunshine
  • Prometheus
  • Life of Pi: This movie got the award for the Best Visual effects, BAFTA award for special visual effects, Simulation award for outstanding effects.
  • X-Men: First Class

For what type of projects VFX are useful?

  • In television shows, commercial ads, web shows etc.
  • Used in creation of the trailers
  • Used in the production of the songs, music concerts

Categories of VFX

VFX are divided into four categories which are

  • Matte: Effects are added in the form of paintings and photographs.
  • Digital Effects: Effects are added with the help of photographic assets.
  • Motion Capture:  Effects are added with the help of moving objects and people.

Where to find the right VFX service provider in Los Angeles?

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Even though their rates are also affordable as compare to the other companies available in Los Angeles.