Video Interviewing Software – Is it the Future of the Recruitment Process?

Video Interviewing Software is a recruitment tool that can help reduce the the interview and pre-screening time process, and streamlines the process of choosing suitable candidates and the best candidate for any vacancy.

This type of interviewing software lets HR Managers, recruitment professionals and recruiters send questions to job candidates to allow them respond with their computers and mobile devices via video. It is advantageous for both parties involved, as it reduces the recruitment interviewing time whilst also saving travel costs for both the candidates and recruiters. It really is a more convenient way of recruiting which is why many people are dubbing it as the future of recruitment!

How Does Video Interviewing Software Benefit Job Hunters and Recruitment Managers?

When conducted properly, video interviewing software can help in proficient filtering and quick evaluation of candidates through video via their desktop, laptop or mobile devices. This type of software for interviewing can be of benefit for both recruiters and candidates such as the following:

  • Job Hunters – People looking for employment can manage to save time with submission of a personalized video that talks directly about them to many employers in a shorter amount of time. Thus making the job-hunting process a much easier and financially cheaper process.
  • Hiring Managers – video interview software can also maximize the time for recruitment managers before candidates walk in for an interview. Recruitment managers do not need to take a whole day off their schedule in order to conduct endless interviews in-person. Managers can skim through the video applications; choose the best candidates for employment and schedule face-to-face meetings with the selected applicants. This is a good way to solve the issues of hiring the best candidates for the task, without wasting a lot of time.
  • Employers – It is also beneficial for employers, as video responses offer worthwhile information more than standard phone screenings.

Is Video Interviewing Software An Effective and Cost-Saving Solution

This type of platform helps in effective screening of the best candidates from thousands of applicants, allowing company officials, managers and human resource professionals to search potential candidates and create a database. It can let employers choose a template for job posting and interviews, as well as add questions.

This is a highly cost-effective solution, with candidates being able to use a variety of pc and mobile devices for completing the video screening process.

What is more, a lot of time is saved as well, as candidates do not have to physically travel to the venue for the interview as well as have to wait endlessly for a call to confirm whether they have been accepted or declined for the job vacancy. Potential employers can rate their candidates, and list the scores for each of them on a video interviewing software platform.

Many of these types of video interviewing platforms also allow the feedback of the interviewer to be made available on the web interface, for the benefit of employers. Using this software can streamline the entire process, by allowing HR managers to get hundreds of resumes and applications within a few days.

So is Video Interviewing Software The Future of Recruitment?

Well for the time being, video interviewing software is increasingly becoming the go to a solution for busy recruitment agencies and HR Managers who need to leverage their time away from the interview room and only spend time in front of prospective job hunters who are more suited for the vacancy advertised.

The only downside to the platform is the fact that some candidates may still lack access to a mobile device or laptop in some parts of the world to conduct video interviews. However, with digital devices increasing in number and even applicants who are technically lagging are increasingly becoming proficient with these devices, it is easily understandable that video recruitment software will become a common part of the job recruitment process and grow bigger in the days to come.

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