Voico – Make Free Video/Audio Calls Anywhere


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In the modern day, communication is a major issue; people want to communicate across countries and continents. We have relatives and friends all over the world. Sometimes we make friends through social media. It comes a time when we need to listen to their voices and see how they look like. Most local communication companies take advantage of the need to exploit our finances. We have always wished for a day when international calls could be cheap. When you learn about Voico, you find a solution to your communication problem. By installing this app from Google Play, you get the freedom to make free local and international calls, you send free messages and most astonishing is its capacity to translate messages. Do u ever imagine of communication through messages with someone who doesn’t speak or write in your language? It is fun to have and use this app from your phone. Voico gives you a chance to make free video calls which flavor your communication.

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All you need is an android phone and you are good to join the free communication advancement. To communicate to a person who speaks another language, you will need to select his or her language and you are good to proceed with the messaging. They on the other end will receive the text in their language and when they reply, you will receive the message in your language. When making video calls, you are able to see the recipient on your screen and still your image will appear on the upper left corner enabling you to view what the person on the other end is seeing. With a fair internet connection, streaming is instant and it brings a feeling of the two of you seated face to face conversing. This app gives you a chance to exchange photos with friends and family. With all smart phones installed with cameras, definitely you would like to share whatever you capture with friends; Voico gives you a chance to do that at no cost. With conference rooms getting smaller everyday due to space scarcity, online conferencing is the next big thing. It gives a chance to everyone who is invited to attend. No one will come and claim to have been out of the country at the time of the meeting; Voico gives room for audio conference calls. All members will have a chance to participate in a meeting from the comfort of their homes. Voico gives you a chance to accumulate free credit that facilitates your communication. Every day you get free call credits which can be used to make calls to any destination of the world. Other ways of getting credit points are; watching short online video advertisements, installing cool applications, progressing in levels of game apps, accomplishing specific events in the apps and lastly by participating in answering of super easy questions. This is an app that will save you from the hefty communication bills and it gives you a wide variety to choose from. Forget about the other apps that end up eating up your pocket and time consequently broadening your problem. Voico is indeed a solution to communication need.

iTunes link – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/voico/id1051221112?mt=8

Google Play link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.voico.rcs

Website – https://voico.com/