Web Development Latest Trends

With every year that comes there’s always new exciting technology that comes out in web development, and this year is not the exception. The year 2017 has come with many new trends that promise to revolutionize web development. This article will explore the top twelve new developments and the many uses they will have on the world around us.

Motion User Interface or Motion UI

Motion UI is a Sass library is one of the parts of apps made by Zurb. This allows the creation of custom CSS transitions and animations to be easier and faster than ever before. These animations let the user be more expressive with interfaces and it’s expected that the new version will let you use the Javascript libraries also.

Inbound Marketing and Website Design

If you have any interest in the dynamic and constantly shifting digital marketing world, you should take the time to learn about inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is becoming a major phenomenon in the website design community. If you’re looking to take your focus off outbound marketing, inbound marketing may be the way to go. Inbound site design can improve business success substantially. If you want your ambitious business to take the world by storm, then you should learn all about inbound website design right away. There are many trustworthy website development and development companies that can accommodate all of your inbound marketing requirements as well.

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Browser based IDEs

Browser based IDEs or cloud IDE is based on a browser that allows web and system development to be portable. Since it’s based on a browser it lacks some of the capabilities but it contains features like syntax highlighting. It’s still more flexible to access in more places than traditional IDEs.

Full-screen navigation design

This new feature is seen more often in web design which makes the experience for mobile users more easy by making a form or article in full-screen. This gives the user a much clearer view of the action the user it’s trying to perform and therefore improving the experience like if it was being done in a computer.

Foundation for Apps

Foundation for Apps is a framework for the development of apps that allows the creation of web apps that are highly responsive. It uses the technologies from Flexbox and Angular that make the writing of code much quicker than with any framework in the market.

Real-time Everything

This fast growing technology that allows the user to view and communicate as the name says in real-time through mobile and computer apps. This becoming more accessible because of companies like Periscope that allow the feature of live streaming.

Advertising Blocking

Ad blocking hurts large and small websites and services that depend on them, that’s why it expected that new technologies will appear this year to fight them.


Mostly based on mobile users the new technologies that are already being implemented to fight newer and stronger malware. These apps will focus on securing the individual’s information and identity.