What Is The Best Free VPN?

Virtual Private Network or VPN have occupied an important position in the lives of internet users. It has dozens of benefits that make it worth the investment. But some VPN apps are available free of cost.

free VPN app is ideal for users who are reluctant to spend money after it and yet are interested to try out the benefits.

For all such users, we have shortlisted some of the best free VPNs to use. The details are as follows:

  • ProtonVPN

When it comes to free VPN services, ProtonVPN is on the top. The features offered by the app are unmatchable to other free services.

Firstly, it offers unlimited data, so users don’t have to worry about data usage. Plus, it offers a full 7-day trial, without having to provide user credit card details. Compared to other VPN apps, ProtonVPN has a zero-logging policy, support for a large number of devices, unlimited data plans, and functional leak protection. This is a highly recommended VPN service for everyone looking for a free service.

  • Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is possibly one of the best VPN services available out there. It has both paid and free versions available. Surprisingly, the free version is also good, delivering good speeds and 500MB daily data allowance.

The app features a very attractive interface. It looks professional but is easy to use. But it has some logging and advertising-related concerns. Overall, it is a very good free VPN. It offers secure and flexible options to users.

  • TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a property of McAfee, which is one of the biggest security companies out there. The app comes with an excellent interface that is clean and simple to use. 

Unlike other VPN apps, users are not forced to provide a lot of personal details, which we believe is a good thing. Once the sign-up is done, users can easily explore the features offered by the app. The security features offered by TunnelBear are top-notch. They have both free and paid versions available. But users should be made aware that the free version has limited features. To gain access to complete features of the app, users are required to get the paid version.

VPN services are extremely useful in today’s internet-inclined age. It not only protects user’s identity but also protects them from cyber-attacks and hackers. That’s why choosing a reliable and efficient VPN service is crucial.