What makes a photo better?

Youngsters are crazy about clicking photos on every occasion, and some are too crazy who clicks it every hour. The goal behind clicking photos is to upload the best one on social media and grab lots of likes on it or may be it is to impress the loved one. But unfortunately not all have good face so they have to do lot of work on their photos. They use photoshop or any other filters to make photos better. And there is some classic pic editor available to make photos better.

What features we get in a pic editor?


Filters are the thing which everyone applies on every photo for making it better. We get different types of effects in the filter option, we can make our photo more brighter, short, add colors, emojis, texts, remove acne from the face, remove pimples and many more.


If you are a couple or from a friend zone and want to gift something on special occasion to them then collage is the best thing for you, you can collect lot of photos and make a frame of collage in your phone and gift them, it will become your long term memory and a good gift for your friends, which will show that how much you love them.


Video is another great option for gifting. You just need to collect lot of photos, with applying some filters, and then set them in a row, and then the video option will automatically make a video of your photos with a background music, which you like to keep in the video.

 InstaSize Photo Editor Collage is the best online free app available in the Playstore and the app store. So download now and have fun making your photos better.