What makes a QlikView Developer?

With a magnificent growth in data, many companies are striving hard to make sense of data and Qlik enables a tool that can evolve business insights faster so that executives can determine significant trends and outliers. QlikView is the rapidly budding BI and visualization tool, that is easy-to-learn and ideal to get started with visualization. Over the period of time, QlikView Training lets you dive into advanced applications that can remould the varied forms of raw data into comprehensible graphs, charts and variant graphical representations that aid enterprises to make comparisons.

QlikView software has been devised distinctively for enterprises that require persistent interaction with data in numerous ways to suit the user needs. Almost 25 thousand organizations operating worldwide have enabled their users to easily visualize and analyze the data for insight into the unparalleled business.

If you enjoy working with data, Qlik is the way to go. It is the one of the hottest career choices in recent times. One will have a great career in Qlikview, as most of the enterprises are looking out for Qlikview developers. Every firm dealing with data requires QlikView experts, including the industries like Healthcare, Travel, Data Management, Logistics etc.

Coming to its market, Qlikview has wider-spread visualization and is very cheap in cost compared with its competitors and can efficiently resolve so many problems.

Career Scope Of QlikView

Necessary Skillsets

If you are striving for a career in QlikView, let me make sure the variant job positions include:

  • Qlikview Developer,
  • QlikSense Developer and
  • Business Intelligence Developer.

QlikView developers hail from various backgrounds and skills. Broadly categorizing, QlikView developers can be divided into 2 categories: Organic & Tailor-made.

  • Organic QlikView developers come from backgrounds like – Traditional ETL Developer, Database Developer, Excel Developer, Test Analyst, and a DBA. Coming from any of the above streams carry with them both advantages and disadvantages.
  • Tailor-made developers are promising new developers who have started early with QlikView or someone who have moved to QlikView from the non-IT background. Generally, these are the first timers who approach QlikView with great passion for exploring.

Experienced QlikView professionals are paid at least 10lac/annum INR.

Coding Skills

Rigid expertise in the coding skill set is a must as the QlikView developer might face the need to code in 4 to 5 variant languages at practically the same time. So candidates opting for a career in QlikView must possess basic skills in at least C and DB.

Understanding the Business

For a QlikView document to be of maximum use to a business it should present insight from every area of that business. Hence a QlikView developer must possess a real understanding of the business and the issues related to it.

Best Practices

There are a number of development best practices that can make a massive impact on the performance and usability of a QlikView document. They range from design principles, coding standards, and other interface rules. An efficient QlikView developer must keep up with all the best practices in the field order so as to stay on top of the game.


Qlikview is the ultimate tool for Analytics that is favored by enterprises all over the world. Though it is a very easy and simple tool, once someone gains expertise on it can be regarded as the most rewarding career. According to the recent job trends, QlikView has seen a major remarkable increase in a number of job openings in the last five years. So to sum up, the QlikView Developer must acquire different necessary skill sets and able to apply them when necessary. So, this is the time to grab the opportunity and stay up bright in the field.