What Questions Should You Ask While Employing an IT Company for Your Business?

There are many reasons why you would want to hire an IT company and one of them is the need for onsite professional IT support. Every business client deserves the best quality services; great tech support ensures clients get what they need in the most effective way.

Not only could an effective IT solution guarantee the best in-house security for business data, but also bring about a higher Return on Investment (ROI). Additionally, your business will save on costs and create better relationships with clients.

In fact, nothing in this world compromises great customer relations than below average technology. Anything from seamless software use, manageable internet and telephone cables, interactive and optimized websites to enhanced overall data security will contribute to better business performance, excellent customer relations and maximize management goals.

IT companies are in high demand. Hiring the top IT talent is therefore a great challenge. It is everyone’s goal to hire the top cream. However, many businesses have made endless mistakes while bringing in external help.

We created the following guide to help you sort through applications, when presented with the task of hiring a great IT company. Below are the questions you should ask while employing an IT company for your business.

I remember myself contemplating on these questions the first time we were hiring a team, I checked the portfolios of IT companies near me and invited some of the best to submit a proposal.

What IT Infrastructure Have you Used in the Past?

A great IT company must demonstrate its experience with other past clients. Taking into consideration the type of IT infrastructure a company has used in the past, helps weed out inexperienced companies.

Therefore, you will remain with A-list companies that have a successful track record of working with different IT architectures and frameworks. For instance, you might need an IT company that places Artificial Intelligence at the core of its data model. Especially if you are looking for real time data-driven market analytics.

Where this is the case, it is important to determine whether AI is part of the IT Company’s overall digital transformation focus.

What is the Company’s Protocol for Handling Tech Support Queries?

Any business’ tech support desk should be effective, efficient and fast. A potential IT company candidate should have a working help desk structure and workflow in mind. You should make sure that you determine how the company handles client queries, and how specifically do they log and respond to employee requests for assistance; whether via phone, email tickets or instant messaging?

Will the Company Assess your Business’ Existing Information System?

Your business’ information system is the heart of your company’s model. Perhaps you decided to hire an IT company because you felt existing information system was not working per the business’ requirements. While identifying an appropriate IT company, make sure it can analyze your existing information system and report on its feasibility. The functionality report should take into account your computers, landlines, cell phones, printers, websites, internet cables and email solutions. Further, your ideal candidate should have the ability to recommend what software your business needs to enhance performance, improvements and updates if need be, as well as justify that they are capable of creating IT budgets, sourcing and installation of both hardware and software.

What is the Company’s Experience with Cyber Security Technology, Data Backup and Recovery?

Solid cyber security measures should be paramount to face today’s risk of cybercrime attacks. Determine during the interview whether the company can design and implement a thoroughly secure digital information system. Ask the candidate what measures they will deploy to completely encrypt and secure your business’ mission critical data. In addition, you should establish the IT Company’s means of data storage and backup. Make sure the candidate can implement and design a secure and stable server room, as much as they can put in place a solid mechanism for data recovery incase useful data is accidentally lost.


Choosing the right IT Company will help your business cross the border and enjoy great customer relations. Stable, reliable and efficient Information Technology Measures are the future for the modern business.