What Sets The Latest iPhones Apart From All Other Smartphones In The Market

I’m going to be telling you guys some new features whether good whether bad about the iPhone X. More specifically I will talk a tiny bit about the iPhone 8 and 8 plus but to be honest it hasn’t changed that much from like the 7 and the 7 plus. So I’m really going to be focusing on the iPhone 10 or iPhone X. I think it’s called the 10 they just write it like X which makes sense because it’s cooler that

Face ID

First and foremost one of the biggest changes is that instead of having a home button it is now just going to be this thing called Face ID. The iPhone 10 will come with a true depth camera sensor meaning it basically a lot of really complicated hardware will recognize your exact facial features to be able to unlock your phone. So in order to unlock it you raise your phone to your face and then you swipe up and that’s all you do. It’ll recognize your face and then you swipe up and it’ll unlock it. Now this is all really cool in theory but in my opinion it’s not necessary there aren’t pros to face ID over touch ID. However for example it’ll protect against people trying to get into your phone wearing a mask or showing a photograph of you.


Next biggest thing I noticed are the Animojis. Now this is the name that they are calling the emojis that are animated. In iMessage, Not only can you send them an an emoji, with just like a movement but you can also send them a video with audio a well and it’ll actually loop so I think that’s really cute. I can see this feature becoming the next snapchat and especially when you can even use iMessage on PC. Again not like a necessary feature but just definitely something fun that the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 doesn’t have

No Home Button

The next feature that’s different is that you can simply tap your phone to wake it up. Right now you either have to do movement or actually click on the button. this one you’ll be able to tap the screen and it’ll wake up. so it’s kind of cool the next different feature is that instead of pushing this button for Siri you can still say hey Siri or you can push the side button and that’s how you will activate Siri on the iPhone 10. So because of this lack of home button I bet you’re wondering but how do you go home well on the iPhone 10 you actually just swipe up from the bottom to go home.

Swipe to Switch Apps

The next thing that’s different is that you can swipe along the bottom of the phone in order to go from app to app and they’re calling this multitasking now this is a different feature however on the iPhone 7 and other models you actually can use force touch to click on the left side of a page and actually scroll between the apps so it’s not like the multitasking feature didn’t exist it’s just different because now you’re just going to swipe along the bottom.

True-Tone Flash

Another new features they now have this true-tone flash which basically just means that the flash will allow for better photography all-around better photography in low-light which to me is something I really care about is having a better photography and low-light they’ll also have this staged lighting effect which I don’t fully understand I think it essentially just means you can actually kind of have the background be black and just like have a really artsy portrait photo they showed one in the keynote I’ll insert it right here but that’s kind of cool.

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