What Soccer Teams Would Look Like From These Major Companies

What if instead of countries playing for the World Cup, we had some of the biggest companies in the world play for the Company Cup? In this article we will discuss how some of the world’s biggest companies’ teams would look, and play like.


With Google known as the data center of planet earth, it is no surprise that they would have information on every player, coach, and staff of the rival teams. With a revenue of 90 billion, they would be able to purchase the best training equipment out there and their players would be trained by the best. The following giants also have a lot of cash and so it would be a great contest. Google’s uniform would be all white with the famous Google letters in the middle.


Facebook, another information giant, would most certainly have the biggest fan base. Facebook live would be useful in every game they play, to stream their games to their millions of users. Facebook’s uniform? All blue, with the F as their badge.


Netflix may be the underdog in this competition, but their all-red uniform would send chills down the spine of the other contestants.


Snapchat would have all the youngsters, suited up in an all yellow uniform.


When the Apple team would step into the pitch, everyone but Microsoft would be scared.


Microsoft would be team with the most experience, but I am not sure if they would be able to keep up with the innovating giants.

In conclusion, though this is an imaginary scenario, it would be very fun to watch. They should have a friendly match among their employees, with the help of world class soccer coaches.

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Photo Source: Soccer.com, https://www.soccer.com/guide/tech-giants-world-cup