What to do when your iPad doesn’t work

There is no doubt to say that mostly all the screens and devices freeze or become unresponsive every once in a while. This may happens because of several reasons. Sometimes this is because you are using an old iPad with the latest version of iOS, and the experience of user is not always ideal. Sometimes you have a problematic app and that is not performing like it should and the OS hiccups. There can be many other reasons and you might not know what exactly you can do to fix it.

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  • If screen is blank: The first thing you should do is to force your iPad to restart. Mostly this process solves the situations and it is very much easy to initiate. The restart works even if your iPad screen is black and non-responsive.
  • What if forced restart does not work: No need to worry if your iPad still does not respond after the forced restart. There still are many options. At first you should plug it in and charge it for up to one hour. You need to wait for few minutes after plugging until the charging logo appears on your iPad screen. If still it is not helpful, you should try alternative charging cables and power adaptors.
  • Device gets stuck after turning on during the startup: These situations are very much rare that is when your iPad starts but gets stuck when you restart it. During restart process, you could see a logo of your iPad. If this happens try connecting device to a computer running iTunes and initiate another forced restart, but this time keep holding the button combination after the logo appears. You iPad would be placed in a recovery mode. Thus you can restore or update your iPad.

Above were the tricks when my iPad won’t turn on, I used to apply these, you too can apply it and get resolve your problems with your iPad. You can also visit online and can get resolve the problem. There are many websites that would help you with this problem. I would recommend you to visit www.ifixmyscreen.com. This website will help you resolve your problems related to your iPad.